Blizzard is improving Overwatch esports by making it easier to watch

Overwatch Esports
Overwatch Esports

Overwatch esports is a very exciting thing in this game’s lifespan. While it may only be a year old, Blizzard is steadily pushing the game towards the competitive scene. Just recently, the game’s director recently talked about some of the changes they have for esports scene.

Team uniforms

Game director Jeff Kaplan recently released yet another developer update on YouTube focusing solely on Overwatch esports. He talked about some of the struggles fans might have, and their solutions for it. Firstly, they announced that all teams that qualified for the World Cup will have their own uniforms.

Depending on which side you are watching, the visual effects and explosions will reflect the team’s color. “We want to make it super obvious which player and team you’re watching at all times,” the game director mentioned.

New top-down map

Blizzard is also introducing a new type of interactive map that lets both commentators and observers easily observe everything going on. Nonetheless, broadcasters can still make the most out of this new feature if they want to view the whole scope of the match. This top-down map should make it easier for casters to follow the match and relay information to the viewers.

Instant replay system

Similarly, Broadcasters now have the ability to make instant replays during the live broadcast. They can edit the clips to how they see fit and make it more “readable” for the viewers. This feature is more for the analysts and commentators, making it accessible for them to break down team strategies in Overwatch esports.

Smart camera and better tournament interface

Observers will also get their own third-person smart camera which allows them to follow the action without all the jerky in-game movement. Finally, they have also made a new automated interface that will automatically stop a tournament if a player disconnects from the game. Overall, these changes should make it easier for Overwatch esports watchers to follow tournaments and competitions.



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