Blizzard might be planning another unannounced Overwatch project

Overwatch project
Overwatch project

Overwatch is a growing game as Blizzard continues to support it with new content. Just recently, the first-person shooter achieved another milestone with its expanding fanbase. That said, it seems like Blizzard might be planning a new Overwatch project.

Another Overwatch project?

Not too long ago, Blizzard recently posted a job advertisement looking for interns to join their workforce. Between its hectic balance changes and combat against toxic players, it’s amazing that they still have the time to continue expanding the game’s lore.

The company has just opened a new vacancy for a “Generalist Artist Intern” that will create concept art and paint-overs to create “epic game assets.” The intern will be working with the environment and character teams to create props, weapons, and even character for games. One interesting tidbit about this job post is that Blizzard is looking for someone who has the knowledge and understanding of their first-person shooter game.

That said, it seems like they might be gearing up for a potential unannounced Overwatch project. Fans will just have to wait for further news until Blizzard announces what they might be working on.

New Milestone

It isn’t all too surprising that Blizzard might have other Overwatch projects in store. The game continues to grow as the fanbase is steadily increasing. Just recently, they announced that the game now has a whopping 35 million players. The last time they made a similar announcement was back in April for 30 million players. It’s impressive to see the game earn another 5 million fans in such a short amount of time.

In spite of this, Blizzard didn’t reveal the finer details behind these numbers, but it’s safe to assume that most of these players are from the PC version. Moreover, some of these accounts might have been from the free weekend Blizzard usually holds, while some fans buy multiple accounts for smurfing. Nonetheless, 35 million players is still a great reason to create a new Overwatch project.


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