Blizzard Responds to Overwatch Toxicity and Urges Players to Help

Overwatch toxicity
Overwatch toxicity

Overwatch toxicity has become a major issue over the past few months. There have been many trolls and toxic players that won’t hesitate to ruin a player’s online experience. That said, Blizzard has acknowledged the game’s current community in a recent Reddit post.

Handling Overwatch toxicity

There’s no denying how toxic Blizzard’s first-person shooter has become. Visit any kind of social media group or page and you will find plenty of screenshots showcasing harsh conversations. These range from insults to verbal abuse, and it isn’t pretty.

That said, one Redditor decided to pull up an old article regarding Dota 2 and how toxicity was a major driving force that urged many players to quit the game. “But one thing that did stand out in the data was the amount of negative communication between players,” read the article, “Put simply, you are more likely to quit if there is abusive chat going on in your games.”

Blizzard responds

Thankfully, it seems like Blizzard is continuing their fight against these negative players. They replied to the Reddit post, urging players to continue reporting toxic behavior. “We do take this very seriously and eliminating toxicity is still a priority for us,” community manager Blake Griffin posted.

He even linked a post from the game’s official forums regarding the reporting and penalty system. With a fanbase as large as Overwatch, it is difficult to keep track of all the negative players. However, the report system could make a big difference if players use it. Blizzard can keep track of data that way and investigate reports.

Nevertheless, toxicity will always remain in any type of online game. The developers won’t be able to completely root out Overwatch toxicity, but they can greatly lessen it. It’s best to make the most out of the report system to help them weed out toxic players.


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