Blizzard sues Chinese Developer 4399 for making Overwatch clone

blizzard entertainment
blizzard entertainment

Blizzard studios has finally taken legal action against Chinese Developer 4399 for making an Overwatch clone called “Heroes of Warfare”.

Blizzard finally sues 4399 for Overwatch clone:

Here's a look at the cover of the Overwatch clone "Heroes of Warfare"Recently bought to the spotlight by being trending on the App Store. Blizzard has finally sued game developer ‘4399’ for cloning Overwatch through a mobile game called “Heroes of Warfare”. Recently released on the App Store for Android and iOS, it quickly gained popularity due to the fact that it was inspired by the famous team-based game Overwatch. However, it seemed to have taken too much of inspiration than we thought.

Many of the games core mechanics, and even heroes, are very similar, and the head counter showing the kills and health and basic map layouts are pretty much the same. You can check out how it looks like in the video below, which is pretty cringe-worthy if you ever played Overwatch.

However, this isn’t the first game that copied Overwatch. Another Chinese mobile game called Hero Mission did the exact same thing. And met the exact same fate this title will get. The funny thing is that Hero Mission was released in February. Which marks two games that have copied Overwatch’s aesthetic this year. What do you think Blizzard should do to prevent further copies from being made? Write your opinions down below!


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