Everything you need to know about Overwatch Season 7

Overwatch Season 7
Overwatch Season 7

The new competitive season is here as players can compete to climb the ranks and earn Competitive Points (CP). Here’s everything you need to know about Overwatch Season 7.

Starting Out

Blizzard recently released the initial guidelines for Overwatch Season 7 on the game’s official website. Like with any other season, fans will have to start off with their placement matches. After 10 of these fights, the game will reward players with their Skill Rating (SR) depending on their performance. From there, your rank will be visible in every match and will be the basis during matchmaking.


The current competitive season also has its own rewards. Those who participate by completing their placements will receive a special spray and player icon. Top 500 players, on the other hand, will receive an extra spray and player icon representing their status.

Similarly, players will also earn CP after every winning match. Once the reason ends, they will earn more CP depending on their rank. That said, Blizzard has given less CP during the previous competitive season because of the shorter season. While they haven’t announced anything yet, it seems like they might do the same conversion for Overwatch Season 7.

Expanding esports

While Overwatch Season 7 might offer players a challenge, Blizzard is taking things to the next level with the Overwatch Open Division. This is an entry-level program for aspiring professionals where they can test their strength against other regional teams.

This is the third season for Open Division and will start on Nov. 6. The season will continue until Dec. 10, where the top eight teams will be moved to the playoffs on Dec. 16 & 17. There, players will compete to take home the prizes.

Those who want to compete in the competitive season can play the game on their PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Follow Fexpect for more Overwatch news!



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