Another Mercy Change being tested in Overwatch PTR update

Mercy' adjustments in this Overwatch PTR update
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An Overwatch PTR update is always unpredictable, but it always seems like it listens to players, which is good. And speaking of good, Mercy is getting some fine adjustments, and that’s what we’ll be talking about today…

Since the last Overwatch update, players complained that Mercy’s rework overnerfed her, and thankfully, it seems that that’ll change soon! A few days ago, Geoff Goodman, the principal designer of Overwatch, updated Mercy’s PTR thread. and it’s for sure that her adjustments will definitely make her come back to the battlefield, especially after her over-nerfed rework in the last update.

Mercy’s adjustments in this Overwatch PTR Update:

Mercy's adjustments in this Overwatch PTR update are pretty huge!
Mercy’s adjustments in this Overwatch PTR update are pretty huge!

Here’s what has changed about her in this Overwatch PTR update, along with everything Geoff explained in the thread:

  • She gets an extra boost during her Guardian Angel ability by using the jump key: 
  • “This unlocks you from your target and lets you fly past them for a little bit. And use them like a slingshot. This replicates some of the behavior the Mercy zero-air resistance caused. But, in a way that is more consistent and with less bugs.”
  • Her Valkyrie Ultimate Ability doesn’t increase resurrect range anymore, but gives one free “resurrect charge” until the ability is active:
  • “If a player doesn’t use the free Resurrect, it will be removed when Valkyrie ends. Resurrect cooldowns are still not directly impacted by the change. But now, players can “Burst Resurrect” if needed, increase the flexibility of the Mercy.
  • What does “Burst Resurrect” mean? Here’s what Geoff said: “For example, in the past if you wanted to Resurrect two targets with Valkyrie, you had to first Resurrect one target, then ult (causing the cooldown to reset), then Resurrect the other target, with this new change you can now hit Valkyrie first, fly in quickly and Resurrect two targets instantly.”
  • Resurrect doesn’t reset Guardian Angel’s cooldown now:
  • Why though? “This change will make it more difficult to Resurrect dead allies that are in bad positions”, as told by Geoff.

We can’t confirm when these changes will come to servers, but our guess is that they will be released in the next few weeks. However, keep in mind that PTR changes can be different from the official balance update. What do you think about these adjustments? Are they enough to make Mercy come back in the meta? Tell your opinion in the comments below!


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