New Overwatch hero Moira supports her team with healing and damage

Overwatch hero Moira
Overwatch hero Moira

Blizzard has just revealed a new Overwatch hero at BlizzCon 2017 named Moira. This Support hero drains her opponent’s health to heal her team. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

New Overwatch Hero Overview

Moira’s described as a “brilliant geneticist” that can contribute to her team by either healing her allies or hurting enemies. Her abilities are:

  • Biotic Grasp: She expends biotic energy from her left hand to heal allies. This beam performs similar to Mei’s Ice Beam and she can even heal multiple targets, although on a meter basis. That said, she can use her right hand to use a long-range beam weapon that saps a foe’s health and restores her healing beam.
  • Biotic Orb: Moira tosses out a bouncing sphere that can either heal or harm her enemies. Take note that the orb slows down upon reaching its target(s).
  • Fade: Her main escape skill. Moira can teleport quickly over a short distance.
  • Coalescence: She fires off a long-range beam that can both hurt her enemies and heal her allies depending on who she hits. Moreover, the beam passes through both enemies and barriers.

Moira’s Backstory

As a geneticist, Moira has been doing various experiments throughout her career. However, she describes her projects as unethical and often crosses the line to achieve her desired results. Her origins clip reveals that she even had something to do with Reaper’s genetic makeup, meaning that she could have granted him his ability to turn into a wraith.

That said, Moira might have also been the one who experimented on Widowmaker. While we know little about her future plans, she’s an extremely self-serving woman who helps others for her own needs.

Blizzard hasn’t revealed when the new Overwatch hero will arrive on the PTR, but there’s a chance they will patch her in soon.


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