Spamming Overwatch voice lines can lead to a ban

Overwatch voice lines

Blizzard has been trying their best to make Overwatch a safe environment for gamers. They have implemented several rules and have tightened up their report system to punish toxic people. In line with this, they have recently added a new way to receive an Overwatch ban.

Overwatch ban system

Over the past few weeks, Blizzard has been much stricter with how they go around banning other players. While these changes are certainly welcome, many fans are still questioning the new ban system. In line with this, one player took to the official forums and complained about how he was unjustly silenced various times.

Principal Designer Scott Mercer decided to step in and pull up his profile. Despite not having a mic, he was labeled with “Abusive Chat” for spamming voice lines. He then went on to explain that abusive chat is more than just your typical obscene communications. That said, players can still get punished for spamming character voice lines that seem disruptive or considered harassment.

What are voice lines?

Each character in the game has their own set of unique voice lines they can equip. Thanks to the new scroll wheel, fans can attach up to four lines per character. These voice lines aren’t obscene in any way and give some insight into the character they are playing. There are many fans who love the Overwatch lore, so these phrases help flesh out the various heroes in the game.

Fans are a bit torn with the new Overwatch ban method, seeing as how a lot of players spam voice lines for good fun. However, it’s easy to see how phrases like “I need healing!” can get pretty annoying if a player continuously says it. Overall, fans should just be a little more considerate when using the voice lines in the game.



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