New Overwatch cinematic short shines the spotlight on Reinhardt

Overwatch cinematic
Overwatch cinematic

Blizzard just released a new cinematic short at BlizzCon 2017. The new clip highlights Reinhardt and how he came to join Overwatch. The new Overwatch cinematic also gives us a look into his life as a crusader before joining the strike team.

New Overwatch cinematic short

Cinematics are a great way to flesh out the game and the characters in it. A few months back, Blizzard revealed the Mei short which showed how she escaped Ecopoint: Antarctica and received Winston’s Overwatch transmission. This time, they gave us an insightful look into Reinhardt’s backstory.

Titled “Honor and Glory,” the short reveals a different side to the tank hero. He was actually brash and overconfident, often basking in the glory of his position as a crusader. When Overwatch offered Balderich Von Alder a position in the strike team, Reinhardt even brushed him off and asked why he would trade in glory to join a secret team.

Things changed after an omnic attack which revealed how Balder fell in battle and Reinhardt taking his place in Overwatch. Overall, the cinematic is a great addition to the game’s growing lore.

Future lore

That said, Blizzard still has a lot on their plat if they want to flesh out every character in the game. Other heroes like Mercy, D.Va, Lucio, and Zenyatta haven’t gotten much lore details yet. That said, Cinematics aren’t the only methods Blizzard has when telling stories.

They have released several new comics over the past few months, with the latest one focusing on the Zarya and Sombra. There was even a special comic for the Halloween Terror event focusing on the four new playable characters in the endless brawl.

You can watch the latest Overwatch cinematic short below to learn more about Reinhardt’s past. Overwatch is available to play on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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