New Overwatch comic digs deeper into the Halloween universe

New Overwatch comic
New Overwatch comic

Blizzard has just dropped a new Overwatch comic about the new Halloween Terror brawl. The short story sheds a bit more light on the Halloween universe and who the villain really is.

Frightening new Overwatch comic

Last year, Blizzard released a comic for Halloween about Reinhardt narrating the tale of Dr. Junkenstein. It was a good introduction to the game’s Halloween lore, but Blizzard left the story wide open for future installments. This year, they decided to continue the story based on the Junkenstein’s Revenge endless mode.

Here, Reinhardt takes the role of the Lord of Aldersbrunn who sends out ravens with a message pleading for help. The Witch managed to revive Dr. Junkenstein, who is still fixed on his personal vendetta against the town. The raven manages to catch the attention of four new wanderers: a Viking, Countess, Monk, and Swordsman. These four travel to the town in order to help the Lord of Aldersbrunn fend off the mad doctor and his crew, including the Summoner.

The comic is only four panels long, but there is incredible detail behind each page. Moreover, the story also implies that Mercy is the true villain behind the Halloween universe, meaning she might have more evil plans up her sleeve.

Halloween Event

That said, the Halloween Terror event is still live. Players still have the chance to unlock all of the seasonal cosmetics in the game, including all of the old skins. Junkenstein’s Revenge also returns with a new endless mode that adds Genji, Torbjorn, Zenyatta, and Widowmaker as playable characters.

The event is slated to on the first week of November, so players should enjoy the event while it lasts. You can play the Halloween Terror event in Overwatch for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Meanwhile, you can read the latest Overwatch comic here.


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