This Overwatch concept art features a different side to Mercy’s design

Overwatch mercy concept
Overwatch mercy concept

Mercy is one of the most recognizable heroes in the game because of her angelic appearance and graceful demeanor. However, it seems like Blizzard once had some different ideas for the healer, evident by the Overwatch concept art they have released.

Mercy’s original Overwatch concept

Scans of The Art of Overwatch have been circulating around the net, giving players a look at some of the designs in the game. Included within the pages are some Overwatch concept art for some of the heroes in the game. One notable design belongs to the Support hero, Mercy. One of her past iterations is that of a buff, dark-skinned male with white hair.

While his appearance looks extremely far from the Mercy we have today, it’s worth pointing out that he still has the original Valkyrie suit. Healers are usually fragile and delicate, hence Mercy’s final design. That said, it’s quite interesting to see a completely different take on her character as a strong-looking man.

Fans love him

As expected from fans, her Overwatch concept art blew up on the internet. Various fans have been spreading her original design online and have even been creating fan art for the character. One artist has even drawn male Mercy in his “witch” skin.

Keeping this in mind, most fans still love the Mercy we know and love today. While the concept was a great peek into the game, Blizzard continues to shower Mercy with love. Just recently, she was given a rework that traded her ultimate ability for something else entirely. She can no longer resurrect a group of allies, but rather bring a single teammate back to life on a cooldown basis. However, she’s recently gotten a nerf that reduces how many times she can resurrect during matches.

Overwatch is available to play on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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