Overwatch Doomfist tips: How to use the one-punch hero

Overwatch Doomfist tips
Overwatch Doomfist tips

Doomfist is one of the most powerful Offense heroes because of his Rocket Punch ability. He has the potential to eliminate an enemy with just one well-timed punch. Here are some Overwatch Doomfist tips to help you learn the hero.

Overwatch Doomfist Tips: Positioning

While Doomfist technically classifies as an Offense hero, he can actually double as a tank. He has 250 HP and can even gain temporary shields with his passive ability, “The Best Defense…” He gains an extra +30 decaying barrier if he hits an enemy with an ability, while he gains an extra +75 decaying barrier if he manages to land his ultimate ability. Players can stack 150 shields, meaning he can have up to 400 health.

That said, Doomfist is best used in the frontlines because of his passive ability and other melee moves. His gun isn’t the best and most of his skills are close range. Doomfist should be near enemy lines causing as much damage as he can. That said, Doomfist players should also make a bit of leeway for their healers, especially for Zenyatta and Ana.

Overwatch Doomfist Tips: Abilities

Doomfist is basically an iteration of a fighting game character in a first-person shooter. He can combo his abilities together to wipe out enemies in just a few hits. His main attack, Rocket Punch, can eliminate a 200 HP hero with one punch if they connect to a wall during knockback. That said, it’s best to use this skill in tight spaces, but make sure you time it properly as it has a small hitbox.

His Rising Uppercut is a great way to reach new areas or stun enemies, preparing them for a midair Rocket Punch. Finally, his Seismic Slam is also a great way to prep for another Rocket Punch attack as it moves enemies towards him. Finally, his Meteor Strike ability can crush enemies if timed properly, so make sure to pair the skill with other ultimates, like Zarya’s Graviton Surge.

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