Everything you need to know about Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017!


Blizzard knows how to celebrate each holiday in-game with style, and this year was no different. So mark your calender’s this Halloween for the Overwatch Halloween Terror event, coming on 10 October!

What happened last year?

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017
This creepy maniac is Junkrat, which debuted as the antagonist for the Junkenstein’s Revenge event held last Halloween.

Last year, they boasted new skins, sprays, voice lines, and a brand new PvE event called Junkenstein’s Revenge. It allowed you to play as either Hanzo, Ana, Roadhog or McCree, fighting an army of Junkrat’s zombie-fied robots. It was fun, but short and limited, and hopefully it will be included this year as well!

Everything we know about the Overwatch Halloween Terror event:

So, what’s new this year? According to last year, this Halloween Terror event will most likely add a plethora of new content to keep the game healthy and famous. Hero’s will most likely receive new items, skins and emotes. Skins for Mei, Zenyatta and others are already been leaked, and referenced old horror movies and literature.

The trailer of the event was released a few days ago on Twitter, and doesn’t tell much. However, we can guess that the event will run till Halloween night. What do you think Blizzard is planning? Sound off in the comments below!

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a competitive team-based FPS game released by Blizzard Studios in 2016. It was critically acclaimed to be one of the best FPS games of that season, and also received the Game of the Year award 2016. It assigns teams of 6 players, who work with each other in various activities against the enemy team, such as defending control points. The game also features a large roster of over 25 characters, each with their own abilities and weaknesses. It is now a prominent title in the E-sports genre, with league seasons and tournaments held annually by the developers to increase the popularity of the game.



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