Overwatch Halloween Terror event ends later this week, here’s a checklist of all the new skins

Overwatch Halloween Terror
Overwatch Halloween Terror

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event started three weeks ago, and now the festivities are coming to an end soon. If you haven’t collected enough skins, sprays, and victory poses yet, now’s the chance to do so. Make sure you unlock every cosmetic item you want before the event ends later this week.

Overwatch Halloween Terror end date

The current Overwatch event began last Oct. 10 and will officially be ending this Nov. 1. As a returning event, all players have the chance to unlock all of the old content. Moreover, they can even buy them at a normal price with in-game credits.

That said, the event also brought in a lot of new skins for different characters. While there aren’t any new highlight intros, several characters have some new victory poses. Here is a checklist of all of the new skins:

  • Ana (Corsair)
  • McCree (Van Helsing)
  • Mei (Jiangshi)
  • Reaper (Dracula)
  • Symmetra (Dragon)
  • Torbjorn (Viking)
  • Zarya (Totally 80’s)
  • Zenyatta (Cultist)

New competitive season

Aside from the Overwatch Halloween Terror event, Blizzard will also be launching the seventh competitive season tomorrow. It is currently offseason, meaning you can’t compete for any points. However, you can still play the competitive mode and practice your skills.

If you participated in Season 6, you will get a special spray and player icon representing the said season. Meanwhile, top 500 players also earn a special player icon signifying their status. Each ranked player will also earn Competitive Points (CP) depending on their Skill Rating (SR). Although, keep in mind that the conversion is a bit smaller this time around because of the shorter season.

You can still take part in the Overwatch Halloween Terror event now. Meanwhile, those who want to play the game can get a copy for the PC, PS, and Xbox One.



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