Blizzard Finally Answers a Major Overwatch Hero Genji Mystery

Overwatch hero Genji
Overwatch hero Genji

Overwatch hero Genji is an interesting character in the sense that he is half man and half robot. That said, Blizzard finally answers a highly-speculated question about his body.

The lower half of Overwatch hero Genji

With the recent Blackwatch skin, we finally get a better idea of Genji’s physiology. We already know that Hanzo did a number on him and the Overwatch team had to repair his body. However, they couldn’t completely save him and had to replace some of his body parts with robotic pieces.

This has fans wondering about Genji’s lower half and if everything else below still worked. Thankfully, Online-Station asked the question to lead writer Michael Chu. He claimed that while some of Genji’s body parts are missing, his “lower half” is still “intact and normal.” That means he can basically do any lower body activities he could normally do with his old body.

Other inquiries

That aside, Michael Chu also answered a few other questions about the game. One popular unused hero was the Jetpack Cat that fans might not be able to see in the game. However, that doesn’t mean that the staff didn’t like the animal’s overall design. We even got to see its concept art during BlizzCon 2017.

Chu also teased a potential Thai hero following the amazing fanart of a similar character a few months back. He also talked a bit about the infamous Junker Queen and how we could see more of her, but not as a playable character. Finally, the lead writer mentioned that they are interested in doing an Overwatch movie, but they’re looking into cinematic shorts at the moment. That said, it wouldn’t be all too surprising if they decided to push through with the idea in the future.

You can play as Overwatch hero Genji on Overwatch for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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