Overwatch hero Hanzo might be getting a buff soon

Overwatch Hero Hanzo
Overwatch Hero Hanzo

Overwatch hero Hanzo is one of the most infamous heroes in the game. While his Scatter Shot might be overpowered, many players think of him as a “throw” hero. That said, it seems like he might be next in line to get a buff.

Taking to the forums

Blizzard has been hard at work tweaking heroes. Mercy has been receiving nerfs left and right since her recent rework. However, Blizzard hasn’t neglected the other heroes in the game. Taking to the official forums, game director Jeff Kaplan recently replied to a thread about Overwatch hero Hanzo.

There, the player was complaining about how “broken” his Scatter Shot was. Kaplan claimed that they have been talking about the said ability since 2014 and claimed that saying it takes “no skill” isn’t fair since it requires a well-placed shot. “It just happens to do a lot of damage and doesn’t feel particularly good to be on the receiving end of (especially if you’re someone like Orisa),” he wrote.

Overwatch hero Hanzo rework?

That said, Kaplan continued, “The fantasy of shooting into someone’s feet is clearly not what we were going for, but that’s where we’re at right now.” However, they didn’t just want to nerf scatter arrow since it would leave Overwatch hero Hanzo too weak. He added that Hanzo “needs some help right now.”

That’s about all he wrote, leaving everything else in mystery. When Blizzard usually addresses these issues, it means they are probably working on a fix for it. Adjusting Hanzo could greatly increase the hero’s reputation as many players often label him as a “troll pick.” He’s a powerful defense hero that is severely overlooked by the community.

We can only hope that a rework for the hero can finally fix his unique playstyle. Those who want to play Overwatch can get a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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