Overwatch hero Mercy is getting another nerf on the PTR soon

Overwatch hero Mercy
Overwatch hero Mercy

Overwatch hero Mercy has been one of the most controversial heroes in the game. After recently going through a recent rework, the developers have nerfed her Valkyrie ultimate ability. Now it seems like Blizzard has a few other changes to balance her kit.

Solid pick

It’s been about a month since Mercy’s rework and fans aren’t happy about it. Fans met the initial announcement with a good amount of skepticism but quickly learned how to use her. That said, the Support hero’s pick rate quickly rose as everyone began using her.

Following this, Blizzard decided to nerf the hero by ultimately reducing the number of times she can resurrect an ally. While the healer took quite the hit, she still remains as one of the most popular characters. In fact, Overwatch hero Mercy has a solid 95 percent pick rate so far. Taking note of this, game director Jeff Kaplan took to the official forums to explain that they will be changing her kit yet again.

Overwatch hero Mercy nerf

There, he mentioned that the team has been discussing the Mercy rework and claimed that they have been listening to fan feedback. “Overall, we feel like the new direction of Mercy is much better for both Mercy and non-Mercy players,” Kaplan said. “But we do feel like she’s too dominant right now.”

While her Resurrect skill might no longer be an ultimate ability, it still feels and acts like one. Because of this, they have been working on a “toned down” version of the ability. This could mean a longer cooldown, or possibly a different effect entirely.

Blizzard has yet to comment on what these changes will be, but they ultimately plan on balancing the Overwatch hero Mercy. That said, Kaplan said that they will be placing these changes on the PTR soon.



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