Overwatch hero Moira and Mercy have some interesting sprays in the game

Overwatch hero Moira
Overwatch hero Moira

Overwatch hero Moira is the latest Support hero to join the game with a rather interesting backstory. Moreover, it also seems like she and Mercy have some bad blood together, evident by some of the cosmetics in the game.

Mercy vs Moira?

Blizzard has been rolling out some new Overwatch lore over the past few months as we’ve finally learned a lot more about the cast. That said, it seems like they are far from done with adding to the lore, although not in the way you might expect. One Redditor discovered a new spray on the PTR that links Mercy and Overwatch hero Moira together.

From the looks of it, it seems like Blizzard has finally given the Swiss doctor a worthy rival. For those who don’t know, Moira once worked under Blackwatch where she conducted several inhumane experiments. It’s likely that she and Mercy worked together in the past, although they might not have been the best of friends.

Slight change on the PTR

On another note, Moira has gotten a slight quality of life change in the PTR. In another Reddit post, one fan asked Blizzard to add some sort of indicator whenever Moira heals. The only way the player knows that they are healing is by paying close attention to their target’s health gauge.

With the recent change, players now have a sound cue that plays when she is healing an ally. She and Mercy share the same voice cue which makes it a bit easier to identify the sound.

It’s still unsure what kind of rivalry Moira and Mercy have in the game. Even their outfits share some similarities, except that Moira’s has a black uniform with horns instead of a halo.

Those who want to play Overwatch hero Moira can download the latest Overwatch PTR patch now.


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