Overwatch hero Moira runs like Naruto for a good reason

Overwatch hero Moira
Overwatch hero Moira

Overwatch hero Moira is the latest Support hero to join the game. Despite being an “evil” healer, fans can’t help but notice that she acts extremely silly, especially when she runs. That said, here’s the reason why she runs like a ninja from the Naruto anime.

Plenty of references

Moira is a brilliant geneticist with a thirst for knowledge, wanting to learn about the fundamental blocks of human life. She also allies herself with Talon, a terrorist organization bent on causing another war between omnics and humans. In spite of this, she has one of the most ridiculous running animations in the game.

Talking to PCGamesN, lead writer Michael Chu revealed why the Talon healer has so many anime references. He explained that plenty of people from the development team are anime fans. “I certainly could not deny some of the references in her sprays and stuff,” he claimed.

Game design

However, there’s actually a much deeper meaning behind her ridiculous run. It’s important that players recognize which characters they are up against on the battlefield. With Moita, you can easily make out the iconic Naruto run from afar.

The lead writer added that the hero would look good doing some sort of exaggerated actions with her cloth and hip panels. It also helps players identify who she is when they come across her. “There’s no question when you’re playing Overwatch and Moira’s running around, that you have seen Moira.”

Overwatch hero Moira is also a unique addition to the Support category as she must drain enemies to fill up her resource bar. Without any resources, she won’t be able to heal her allies. She seems like a solid addition to the game’s growing cast and adds a twist to the lore.

You can play as Overwatch hero Moira on the Overwatch PTR.


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