Overwatch Hero Moira Might Have Been Nerfed on the PTR

Overwatch hero Moira
Overwatch hero Moira

Blizzard has just patched in Overwatch hero Moira on the live servers, with many players believing she is balanced. However, it seems like Blizzard might have tweaked her in the latest PTR patch.

Overwatch hero Moira nerfed

Many fans agree that Moira is a fun hero to play and puts a unique twist on the Support role. She needs to absorb damage to heal and her beam has quite the long range. While it might seem a bit difficult to control sometimes, her weapons do their job. That said, it seems like Blizzard might have changed her hitbox secretly on the test server.

One Redditor noticed the change and brought it up. Moira now supposedly requires more pin-point aim to lock her beam onto her target. If her cursor isn’t on the target, it will not attach and drain health. Strangely enough, Blizzard didn’t mention this change in the patch notes. While the developers haven’t responded, this could either be a secret nerf or a bug on their part.

Blizzard World live

In other news, the latest patch also brought in the highly-anticipated Blizzard World map. Fans can now escort a payload through a theme park filled with Blizzard easter eggs. Famous games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft are displayed across the area. Those who are major fans of the company should look for the various easter eggs on the map.

Since Blizzard World isn’t coming to the live servers anytime soon, fans have a month or so to test it on the PTR. There are also a few other highly-requested featured that Blizzard patched in, so that’s something to look forward to.

You can play as Overwatch hero Moira now on the game’s live servers. Meanwhile, help the developers test Blizzard World by downloading the current PTR patch on the PC.


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