Overwatch Hero Moira Now Playable on the Live Servers

Overwatch hero Moira
Overwatch hero Moira

Blizzard has finally patched in Overwatch hero Moira on the live servers, finally including the 26th hero. She has been quite the popular pick because of her unique playstyle.

Overwatch hero Moira now live

According to Polygon, the latest Support hero is now available to play on the live servers. Luckily, she made it just in time for the free weekend for potential new players to join. Moira was announced a few weeks back at BlizzCon 2017 alongside a few other additions to the game.

Many fans wanted a new Support hero seeing as how the game was filled with plenty of Offense heroes. Blizzard decided to push through with the idea, especially since they believed it was what Overwatch needs at this time. With all the recent balance changes going on, it is good to have an alternative healer aside from the current four heroes

Deadly abilities

That said, Moira plays much differently than the other healers in the game. First off, she doesn’t need to reload as her weapon relies on a resource meter. IN order to heal, she must drain her enemy’s strength with Decay. This sort of acts like Symmetra’s beam, although it’s much longer and has a weaker lock on.

Meanwhile, she can heal allies with her primary fire using a short-ranged healing beam. It has a heal over time effect and can even heal multiple targets. Her BioTic Orbs can basically either damage or heal, depending on how you want to use it. This ability is perfect for 1v1 fights as it gives her a slight advantage.

Her Fade, on the other hand, is a useful escape or flanking skill that leaves no trace of her behind. Finally, Coalescence both heals and hurts allies and enemies respectively. You can play as Overwatch hero Moira now by downloading the latest patch.


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