Basic Overwatch hero Moira tips to help you learn the hero

Overwatch hero Moira
Overwatch hero Moira

Overwatch hero Moira is now live on the Public Test Realm for players to try. Here are some basic Moira tips to help you get the hang of the hero.


One important thing when playing a new character is having to properly adjust their reticle. Despite being an “auto-aim” weapon, Moira’s beam actually needs some slight aiming to target the opponent. Her beam doesn’t lock on as firmly as Symmetra’s, but one Redditor has shared a custom reticle to help players adjust her weapon.

First off, change her reticle from default to circle. From there, open the Advanced tab and change the center gap to 75. With this reticle, it should be easier to track down targets as long as they are within the circle.


Another thing to take note of is that Overwatch Hero Moira has a slight regeneration ability. When she sprays her allies with health, there is a small heal over time afterward. With this, try saving your resource by keeping this in mind. If you aren’t engaged in a team fight, try spraying, but leave enough room for the regeneration.


One of Moira’s main strengths is her unpredictability with the Fade ability. It warps her out of the field and gives you a few seconds to make your escape. That said, try to move to locations where enemies won’t expect. If you are inside a building, chances are your enemies will be waiting for you by the door. Try zooming around corners out hide behind objects instead.

Bounce the orbs

Another Overwatch hero Moira tip is about her orbs. To make full use of them, make sure they bounce across the room so you make full use of their abilities. It’s better to damage opponents in hallways instead of the open field. Similarly, try healing allies when they are grouped together.


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