Everything we know about Overwatch hero Moira

Overwatch hero Moira
Overwatch hero Moira

Overwatch hero Moira is the latest addition to the game’s growing cast. Blizzard has shared a few details about her during BlizzCon 2017, so here’s everything we know about the upcoming character.

She’s a support hero

Moira is the 26th hero and the sixth support character to join the game. She is also the game’s fourth healer who supports her team with biotic technology. However, her support methods act a bit differently as her healing relies on a resource gauge.

She can spew a healing beam from her Biotix Grasp that can heal multiple allies, although at a slightly short range. To replenish the healing gauge, fans will need to use her alternate fire to drain the enemy’s health.


The support healer works as a geneticist that specializes in genetic modification. While her motives are sincere, she will go to great lengths to achieve the perfect result. That said, Moira has done some extremely inhumane and immoral projects in the past. Her peers often expressed her flaws and even claimed that she has the same “unchecked desire” that caused the Omnic Crisis.

Another Talon member

Overwatch hero Moira also acts as Talon agent performing inhumane experiments for her research. She was once a Blackwatch member before the fall of Overwatch, but Oasis’ scientific collective began sponsoring her projects shortly after. She seems to know the other Talon members as they assist her research and use the results.

Moira knows Reaper

One interesting tidbit about Moira’s backstory is that she has some close ties with Reaper since she worked for Blackwatch. Moreover, it also seems like the geneticist is responsible for turning him into his wraith-like form.

Overwatch hero Moira will be coming to the PTR “very soon.” While Blizzard hasn’t shared an exact date, fans should keep an eye out this week .


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