Overwatch Junkenstein’s Revenge tips to help you survive the night

Junkenstein's Revenge tips
Junkenstein's Revenge tips

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event brings back the seasonal event from last year along with an additional endless mode. If you’re having trouble with the mode, here are some Junkenstein’s Revenge tips to help you survive the night.

Junkenstein’s Revenge tips: Composition

One of the many Junkenstein’s Revenge tips we can offer is to pick Zenyatta in endless mode. There are only two support characters in the mode, and while Ana isn’t a bad hero, Zenyatta outweighs her with his skills. Not only does he not have to aim when healing, the monk can also debuff enemies with his Discord Orb. He also acts a stable DPS character and can dish out some powerful damage.

Another important factor to consider in the seasonal brawl is your team composition. Just like in any regular match, you and your team should balance out your characters. Having four DPS characters in legendary mode is a sure way to fail, so make sure you have a healer with you. Moreover, characters like McCree and Hanzo have a powerful ultimate ability that can clear waves of zomnics.

Junkenstein’s Revenge tips: Enemies

Zombardiers are the special blue zomnics that lob projectiles at your team. While they might seem pretty harmless at first, they’re deadly when they group up together. You should focus on taking them down as soon as they appear so that they don’t invade the battlefield. Each projectile deals around 60 damage, but they’re pretty slow and easy to dodge.

Another important tip is to not let those slow-moving zomnics get to the door. If they get too close, they’ll explode and damage Eichenwalde Castle. The only way to lose in the game is through a team wipe, or if the door runs out of health. If you and your team are fighting against a boss, make sure no zomnics are invading the door.


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