Overwatch Junkrat Tips: How to Play the Explosive Defense Hero

Overwatch Junkrat tips
Overwatch Junkrat tips

Junkrat is a powerful Defense hero that can bombard his foes with projectiles and trap incoming enemies. Here are some Overwatch Junkrat tips to help you learn the hero.

Overwatch Junkrat tips: Positioning

Since his primary fire has quite the long range, Junkrat should essentially stay at the back of his team. He can easily hold choke points with his bombs that bounce off of walls. Try to stand on ledges or high ground to get a better view of enemies trickling in the choke point so you get a good idea of where you should be firing at.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to spam his grenade launcher as you never know who you might hit. During major team fights, enemies might not have the chance the avoid your grenades when going against your other allies. You should also try spreading around the damage to keep enemies guessing where the explosives will end up.

Overwatch Junkrat tips: Abilities

His abilities generally revolve around trapping and punishing enemies. His first ability, Concussion Mine, leaves a mine on the ground that he can activate at any time. This is great when fighting at close range as his grenade launcher doesn’t work quite well up close. Since the ability has two charges, he can also safely disengage if at low health.

His Steel Trap, on the other hand, leaves a small trap on the floor that grabs any enemies that step on it. Any enemies trapped inside cannot escape or use their abilities for a few seconds. It’s best to pair the trap with his Concussion Mine for a free kill. Finally, his RIP-Tire can deal some serious damage if it explodes near a group of enemies. You can also use this ability to scare enemies off the point and make them scatter. You can play as Junkrat in Overwatch for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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