Blizzard finally allows players to gift Overwatch loot boxes to their friends

Overwatch loot boxes
Overwatch loot boxes

Overwatch loot boxes are crates that contain all sorts of cosmetic items in the game. A new Blizzard update finally allows players the option to gift these loot boxes to their friends.

Give away Overwatch loot boxes

Blizzard has been hard at work adjusting the app. This is basically a portal on the PC that links players to their different games. Now, they are working on providing more social features that allow players to easily connect with one another. The company has just released a short video consisting of all the neat features that have just been added to the desktop app.

One interesting bit about this video is that fans can now give away loot boxes to their friends. Fans have been requesting for this feature for some time now. Gifting loot boxes can act as a great birthday gift, or if you just want to send some love to your friends. There’s no doubt that this new feature will be extremely popular for upcoming seasonal events. That said, the Overwatch Halloween Terror is still live, so you can send some Overwatch loot boxes to your friends now.

Other features

Loot boxes aside, Blizzard has also added a few other features to the app. Firstly, there is a new Social tab that lets players chat much easier as messages will now send to offline recipients. Moreover, they have also made it simpler to create groups with your friends. That way, you can plan your play sessions even if you aren’t connected to other social media accounts.

Finally, they have also included an “Appear Offline” mode that keeps you invisible while you play. Take note that the game can still pair you up with your friends during matches, but this rarely happens. If you have already downloaded the latest patch, you can now gift Overwatch loot boxes or use the other nifty features.


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