Overwatch lead writer talks more about the lore and what they have in store

Overwatch lore
Overwatch lore

The Overwatch lore is slowly rolling out with each major event, evident by the Reinhardt cinematic. The game’s lead writer has shared their future methods of releasing lore and what other things they might have in store.

Insight into the Overwatch lore

Since Blizzard released the game last year, we have gotten several tidbits of information about some of the characters in the game. There are currently 26 heroes, and some of them still lack some time in the limelight. However, major points in the lore reveal some pretty interesting things.

From what we know, Doomfist plans on starting another war. While Sombra might be helping Talon, she is still busy digging into her own controversy. Meanwhile, the new Overwatch team has been pretty lenient so far. Old members like Mei and Reinhardt are answering Winston’s call, while Soldier: 76 and Ana are finishing their own business.

Lead writer speaks up

With so much more in store, it’s only natural that fans want more Overwatch lore. In an interview with PCGamesN, lead writer Michael Chu agrees with the fans. “We have a goal to continue to make more stories, get more of them out there,” he claimed.

While the cinematics like “Rise and Shine” and “Honor and Glory” have always been a great hit, it seems like they are also looking into other animation styles. Chu claimed that they tried something new with Doomfist, opting for the traditional 2D anime-esque style. The team reportedly loved the direction they went with since they believed that Overwatch looked great as a 2D cartoon.

That said, he stated that they would like to do longer comics in the future. So far, most of Overwatch lore comics seem a bit rushed. With more pages, perhaps this can set up for a more standard pacing. And in the future, hopefully, they can find a way to bring the lore over to the game itself .


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