Overwatch Lucio tips: How to use the flexible support hero

Overwatch Lucio Tips
Overwatch Lucio Tips

Lucio is one of the most popular Support heroes because of his healing aura and speed boost. His different support abilities make him flexible in the battlefield. Here are some Overwatch Lucio tips to help you learn the hero.

Overwatch Lucio tips: Positioning

Despite being a Support hero, Lucio is actually pretty flexible when it comes to positioning. While it’s usually best that he stays near the rear end of the team, his speed boost requires him to be in the center of his allies. Don’t be afraid to mix up your positioning with Lucio as you weave through your allies.

That said, Lucio players should generally fall back if they are too close to the front lines. Moreover, he should stay close to his team at all times as his abilities are useless if he’s too far from them. The general consensus is that Lucio is a team-oriented Support hero that must stand by them.

Overwatch Lucio tips: Abilities

Lucio’s Crossfade is his main Support ability that can either heal or boost his team’s speed. He only heals 16.25 health per second, but it heals in a large radius. As for the movement speed, everyone within range gains an extra 30 percent speed boost. When trying to avoid enemy ultimates or rush to the point, use the speed boost.

His Amp It Up ability temporarily increases Crossfade’s abilities. However, it has a slightly long cooldown and should only be used during critical moments, for the most part. Don’t forget about Lucio’s passive, Wall Ride, as he can also gain a short burst of speed when landing. Finally, his Sound Barrier grants everyone within range a decaying 500 HP barrier. His ultimate ability acts as a perfect counter against attacks like Tactical Visor and Rocket Barrage.

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