Blizzard Adds Touching Overwatch Memorial in Honor of a Late Pro Player

Overwatch memorial
Overwatch memorial

Blizzard added in a small Overwatch memorial for a player who recently passed away. You can find the monument down in Eichenwalde if you are keen on seeing it.

A devastating loss

According to Heroes Never Die, former pro player INTERNETHULK passed away at only 30 years old a few weeks back. Fans are left devastated by the tragic news over one of the Team Liquid players. He was one of the driving forces behind the game’s growing competitive scene in both gameplay and the people he met.

That said, Blizzard has even made an award based on INTERNETHULK called the Dennis Hawelka award. They will be giving the award at the end of each Overwatch League to the player who has had the most positive impact on the game’s community. The reward is fitting enough as many believed that INTERNETHULK was a great and kind person himself. The Overwatch League will start on Jan. 10 next year.

Heartwarming Overwatch memorial

However, Blizzard didn’t stop with the award as they even included another small refernce in the game. Dotesports shares that the developers sneaked in a little memorial in Eichenwalde. There is a white flower, candle and a small symbol in the Germany-based map. Moreover, you can find this in the attacker’s spawn room on the first point in the pub.

Fans still don’t know much about out what caused his death. However, it’s great to see that the community and the developers are sending their love. Team Liquid is doing their best to support his family and asked everyone to “respect his family’s privacy” at this time. He has done a lot of good to Overwatch and his legacy will continue to inspire both players and developers. For those interested, you can check out his Overwatch memorial now in the game.


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