Overwatch Mercy tips to playing the nerfed support hero

Overwatch Mercy tips
Overwatch Mercy tips

Mercy is one of the most popular Support heroes after her recent rework. While she might have been nerfed, here are a few Overwatch Mercy tips to help you learn the character’s new strengths and weaknesses.

Overwatch Mercy tips: Guardian Angel

Blizzard has made a few changes to how Mercy’s Guardian Angel works. This skill is extremely useful as it acts as her mobility, weaving in and out of combat. That said, the recent nerf has made it so that the skill no longer resets whenever she uses Resurrect. This change encourages Mercy players to play much more safer and not dash in the frontlines to bring back a fallen ally. If you see a dead teammate behind or even near the front lines, you should not resurrect him or her as it might lead to your death.

Dashing in with Guardian Angel is a great way to get you and your ally killed again. Don’t waste your ability and just revive a teammate within range instead. Play it safe and try to use Guardian Angel more as an escape tool.

Overwatch Mercy tips: Angel Bounce

Despite her Guardian Angel nerf, Blizzard has acknowledged the Angel Bounce technique and even made it easier for players to use it. When activating her mobility skill, press space to glide past your targetted ally. This makes it easier to fly a greater distance, especially when trying to escape to the backlines. Moreover, Angel Bounce can also help Mercy players reach different locations on the map.

Advanced players can try the Angelic Rise technique wherein Mercy can technically “fly” is attached to a certain player. That said, it’s easier to perform the trick with “Guardian Angel prefers beam target.” It might take a few times to practice, but it’s a useful ability that will keep her off the ground for the most part.

Overwatch is now available to play on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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