Overwatch Orisa tips: How to play the anchor tank

Overwatch Orisa tips
Overwatch Orisa

Orisa has been a pretty popular pick in the game over the past few months. Her recent buffs have made her a great counterpart to other tanks, like Reinhardt. Here are some Overwatch Orisa tips to help you learn how to use the hero.

Overwatch Orisa tips: Positioning

As a frontline anchor tank, Orisa should be leading her team along with another tank. Ideally, she should be placing her shields near critical areas, like behind choke points. Despite the barrier’s 900 HP, it has a short cooldown and covers a large area.

That said, Orisa does a great job at taking down enemy barriers and pressuring opponents. Her weapon is projectile-based, meaning you’ll have to time your shots beforehand. Orisa also has one of the largest magazines in the game, allowing her to continue firing without having to reload as often as the other heroes. Use this to your advantage when trying to pin down an enemy.

Overwatch Orisa tips: Abilities

Aside from her barrier, Orisa also has “Halt!,” Fortify, and Supercharger. The first ability acts like a mini Graviton Surge that pulls opponents towards the green light. Use this against escaping foes, or if you’re trying to stall an enemy. Moreover, Halt! is also a great way to score environmental kills as you can pull enemies off of the map.

Fortify, on the other hand, acts as her own personal barrier. Upon activation, she gains a temporary defend buff that halves all incoming attacks by 50 percent. Moreover, Orisa isn’t affected by crowd control abilities, like Sleep Dart or Blizzard. Try using this ability to save yourself during enemy ultimates and guard your team afterward.

Her ultimate ability, Supercharger, grants everyone within range a 50 percent power boost. Needless to say, this ability is great when pairing with other ultimate abilities, like Tactical Visor and Death Blossom. Communication is the key when using this skill.



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