Latest Overwatch Patch nerfs Mercy, buffs Lucio, and more

Overwatch Patch note
Overwatch Patch note

Blizzard has just launched a new Overwatch patch that adjusts a few characters in the game. Moreover, it also tweaks some social functionalities and fixes several bugs. Read on below to learn more about all the new changes.

General Changes in the Overwatch Patch

First off, the latest Overwatch patch allows players to appear offline in This highly-requested feature has been finally patched in, but friends can still detect you if you end up in the same match together. However, those chances are extremely slim, so there’s nothing to worry about.

That aside, Zenyatta’s Cultist skin has gotten a slew of new voice lines. This will help further flesh out his popular Halloween skin. Finally, Blizzard has fixed Mercy’s momentum from slowing down after canceling Guardian Angel. They’ve also fixed the visual effect in Sombra’s Pumpkinette victory pose.


The changes from the Public Test Realm have finally been patched in the live servers. For Guardian Angel, she can now glide past targets by using the jump key. Furthermore, the cooldown no longer resets when Resurrect is active.  Her Valkyrie, on the other hand, no longer resets Resurrect and reduces its cooldown when activated. Instead, players are given a bonus resurrection charge, allowing players to stack and use the skill twice.

That said, Mercy can now easily bring fallen allies back to life much quicker with stacked resurrections. However, this new skill will reduce the overall number of Resurrects in one match.


As for Lucio, Blizzard has fixed a bug that prevented him from gaining speed after wall riding. The Support hero now gains a burst of 65 percent speed after successfully using his passive ability. This should make him move a lot faster if the player is using his Wall Ride correctly.

You can download the latest Overwatch patch now. Those who want to play Blizzard’s first-person shooter can get a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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