New Overwatch PTR Update nerfs Mercy’s Ultimate Ability “Valkyrie”

Overwatch PTR Changes
New PTR balance change nerf's Mercy's Ultimate Ability 'Valkyrie'

During the Overwatch PTR balance change in August, the primary healer, Mercy, received a significant redesign of her Ultimate Ability, completely changing how it worked. Her Ultimate Ability, ‘Resurrect’, was no longer ultimate, and was replaced with a new one, called ‘Valkyrie’. The new ability allowed her to fly, have extended range and unlimited ammo, and shoot faster and inflict more damage.

However, to keep her balanced, they reduced her Resurrect ability to single-target with a 5 meter radius and 30 second cooldown. However, the real nerf that was needed was for her Valkryie Ult, as each time it was activated, it would reset the cooldown of the Resurrect ability, and reduce the cooldown to 10 seconds until her Ult was active, allowing for consecutive revives in short spans of time.

This change made Mercy extremely overpowered, and as soon as the changes went live, her usage charts spiked, and players demanded a nerf for her Valkyrie ability. Fast forward to today, Mercy has finally been nerfed in the latest PTR balance change.

In the latest balance changes, Mercy’s ability, Resurrect, no longer gets reset whenever Valkyrie is activated, and retains it’s 30 second cooldown, although the ult still doubles the Resurrect’s range.

It is a small change for Mercy, but was pretty necessary. Hopefully players don’t feel like she was over nerfed. She is still powerful and fun to play now, but not like a must-pick in all situations. After all, Overwatch is a pretty flexible game, and players must feel that every match is different for them.

The changes are only live on the Overwatch PTR test servers, so they are subject to change at any time. Here’s the link to the current PTR Balance change thread if you want to check it for yourself, Stay tuned for more articles about the October Update coming your way!


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