New Overwatch PTR patch adds Moira, tweaks heroes

Overwatch PTR
Overwatch PTR

The latest Overwatch PTR patch is here and adds some pretty nifty stuff. Aside from the basic character changes, Moira is now finally playable on the test server.

Overwatch PTR character changes

The official Overwatch site has just shared the full list of changes in the patch notes. The latest update fixes several bugs, yet also adjusts a few characters in the game. Firstly, the developers have given Ana a new buff since the nerf earlier this year. While it might not be much, her Biotic Rifle now deals 70 damage instead of the original 60.

Meanwhile, Mercy has gotten yet another nerf to her Resurrect. The skill now has a 1.75-second cast time and reduces her movement speed by 75%. Furthermore, other heroes can interrupt Mercy while she is Resurrecting. However, she the ability no longer has a cast time when she uses Valkyrie. This new change should force Mercy players to avoid diving in enemy lines and bringing back tanks.

Moira joins the fight

That aside, the patch also brings in the highly-anticipated Support hero, Moira. She is a geneticist that has a unique spin on healing in that she must deal damage to restore health. Moira has no ammo, yet relies on a resource bar when healing. To restore the gauge, players must drain enemy health to quickly fill it back up.

She also has Biotic Orbs that serve as her long-ranged abilities. She can use this to either heal allies who flank or are deep in enemy lines, like Genji or Pharah. On the other hand, this ability can also damage enemies.

Overall, Moira seems to be a balance between healing and attacking. She certainly acts as an interesting addition to the cast. You can play as Moira and test all of the characters changes now on the Overwatch PTR.


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