Latest Overwatch PTR Patch Brings in the Blizzard World Map

Overwatch PTR Patch
Overwatch PTR Patch

The latest Overwatch PTR patch is now live and finally adds the new map. The hybrid map is a love letter to all the Blizzard games in the series.

Overwatch PTR patch adds Blizzard World

Blizzard originally announced Blizzard world back during their event earlier this year. The developers patched her in the PTR first the week after the event, letting fans get a good grasp of the character. Now that she’s finally on the live servers, Blizzard has finally put on the next map. Blizzard World is a hybrid map with both a control point and payload, similar to King’s Row and Eichenwalde. There’s a lot of things to explore in this new area.

Interestingly enough, this new area is a theme park of all things Blizzard. Fans of the company will be happy to see games like World of Warcraft or Heroes of the Storm around every corner of the area. That said, they have hidden various easter eggs on the map, so keep your eyes peeled!

Other updates

Blizzard announced quite a lot of content during BlizzCon 2017, and they have already pushed through with the 26th hero. Take note that Blizzard World will not be coming to the live servers until next year. That leaves PC fans with about a month of testing on the current server.

The developers also revealed a slew of new content for the game, including skins. These aren’t tied down to any event, meaning fans can unlock them via normal loot boxes. Keeping in line with the crossover theme, these skins are based on various other Blizzard characters.

While the developers have yet to mention any events for December, there could be a good chance we might be getting another Winter Wonderland event. You can play Blizzard World now by downloading the latest Overwatch PTR patch for the PC.


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