Latest Overwatch PTR Patch Adds Some Highly-Requested Features

Overwatch PTR Patch
Overwatch PTR Patch

Blizzard has finally added some highly-requested features in the latest Overwatch PTR patch. Moreover, Blizzard World is now live on the test server.

Overwatch PTR Patch: Hero Gallery

Unlocking loot boxes is an exciting feeling as you never know what you might get. We usually go through every item, but sometimes we just want to keep playing. When we don’t look at every cosmetic item from the loot box, the Hero Gallery will prompt a notification that won’t go away unless we view the new item. This can get pretty tedious and annoying, so Blizzard has added a “Mark all as seen” feature.

A Redditor has posted a screenshot of the button on the top right of the Hero Gallery. That way, fans won’t have to sift through each new content to remove the distracting notification. Interestingly enough, fans have been requesting the feature for some time now. It goes to show that even the little things can greatly improve the gaming experience.

Overwatch PTR Patch: Moira Golden Gun

Another little feature Blizzard snuck in the latest patch was improving Moira’s golden gun. As it stands, only her bracelets become gold if players buy the recolor. Players have been urging the developers to add a little bit more to her golden gun, seeing as how it was a bit underwhelming.

It seems like they took the feedback into consideration as they gave her golden fingernails. This should make her gold weapon stand out a bit more, making the 3000 competitive points worth it. The developers have yet to reveal when they will be bringing this to the live servers.

You can check out all of the latest features by downloading the PTR patch now. Similarly, you can also play the hybrid map on the test server as well. Overwatch is available on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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