Overwatch PTR update tweaks Winston’s barrier and fixes several bugs

Overwatch PTR Update
Overwatch PTR Update

Blizzard has just released a new Overwatch PTR update that addresses several issues in the game. While it doesn’t add anything too substantial, there are some things worth looking into. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest patch.

Overwatch PTR update: Characters

According to Blizztrack, Blizzard has temporarily removed Roadhog from the PTR due to a bug that was causing server stability issues. They clarified that this will only be temporary and will not carry over to the live servers.

As for other bug changes, Blizzard finally fixed Ana’s sidearm to emit a bright light when looking at her gallery. They also fixed a bug that affected Mercy’s ultimate icon whenever Sombra hacks her, and also fixed an issue with Zarya’s Mystery Gift emote. Widowmaker’s legs no longer buckle when she jumps, and they also fixed an issue with Ganymede’s roadrunner noises. Perhaps the biggest change here is that Winston’s barrier now has an HP bar, similar to Orisa’s shields.

Overwatch PTR update: Maps and A.I.

Moving on, the patch also fixes the display issue with the map backgrounds for Lijiang Tower and Nepal. The progress bar during Escort and hybrid maps now appear whenever reaching a checkpoint, and Blizzard has also fixed Doomfist’s Seismic Slam UI from acting up during the last parts of the Junkertown map.

The border bug has also been fixed, while players can now spectate Deathmatch games again when in a Custom Game lobby. As for the A.I., Sombra bots no longer hack health packs. Similarly, the developers fixed the bug that prevented bots from appearing when moving them to another team within the Custom Game lobby.

Overall, the latest Overwatch PTR update doesn’t add much to the game, but BlizzCon 2017 is just right around the corner. While they haven’t shared their surprises, they will be unboxing a live loot box on stage.



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