Overwatch Reaper tips: How to use the cunning Offense hero

Overwatch Reaper tips
Overwatch Reaper tips

Reaper is a powerful DPS hero that can rip tanks to shreds with his powerful Hellfire shotguns. Couple this with his flanking abilities and you have a flanking powerhouse. Here are some Overwatch Reaper tips to help you get the hang of the hero.

Overwatch Reaper tips: Positioning

As an Offense hero, Reaper should primarily be in the mid to front lines in battle. His guns are extremely powerful and can wipe out most heroes with just a few hits (or a headshot). That said, he should be busy focusing larger enemies with more health, like Reinhardt or D.Va. His gun has a large spread, making it easier to hit his targets at close range.

If you’re planning on sneaking around, make sure you use his Shadow Step ability. This passive skill allows Reaper to reach locations he originally can’t, like roofs. He can use this t get behind enemy lines and surprise them, leading to a pincer attack. On the other hand, you can also use his Shadow Step to teleport to a high location and use Death Blossom as you fall down.

Overwatch Reaper tips: Escaping

Reaper moves at a relatively slow pace, giving him little time to escape. Luckily, he has Wraith Form to help him get away from the battlefield. Using the skill transforms him into a wraith that is immune to damage. Take note that your allies can still heal you and you can still grab health packs.

Moreover, try using Wraith Form if Ana or Zenyatta debuffs you. The ability removes all negative status effects, making it handy if you were low on health and anti-healed by a biotic grenade.

Overall, Reaper is a powerful character who can lead the frontlines or catch enemies off guard. You can play as him in Overwatch for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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