Overwatch Reinhardt tips: How to play the formidable tank

Overwatch Reinhardt tips
Overwatch Reinhardt

Reinhardt is one of the most stable tank heroes in the game because of his shield and large health pool. Aside from guarding his team, he can also wipe out enemies with just a few hits. Here are some Overwatch Reinhardt tips to help you learn the tank hero.

Overwatch Reinhardt tips: Positioning

As an anchor tank, it’s vital that Reinhardt should always be in front of his team, but not always in front of the fight. While he acts as a great damage absorber, his large frame makes him an easy target. A lot of Reinhardt beginners often charge in the enemy base without waiting for the team, which leads to their early death.

That said, make sure to block as much damage as you can with his barrier. It has 2000 HP, you can suck up a good amount of damage. If ever your barrier is a bit low, don’t be afraid to fall back and let another tank take over for a bit.

Overwatch Reinhardt tips: Abilities

Reinhardt is one of the slowest characters in the game. However, he has a Charge skill that allows him to either pin targets or escape from battles. If you plan on homing in on the point, try charging towards a squishy hero, specifically Support characters.

His only ranged attack is Fire Strike which blasts a wave of heat at the enemy. Take note that you have to put down your shield while using it, but the attack goes through enemy barriers. It can shave off a good amount of health if it connects, so make sure to time it well.

Finally, his Earth Strike is a powerful crowd control skill that stuns any enemies within the area. Similarly, his ultimate ability also acts as a great counter against other ultimate abilities like Dragonblade, Tactical Visor, and Whole Hog.

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