Overwatch Season 6: Everything you need to know

Overwatch season 6

Overwatch Season 6: Everything you need to know


Today, Blizzard launched its sixth season of the Competitive mode. As with every other
season, there are multiple changes made to this one as well. Here’s all you need to know
to be prepared.

The biggest change is that seasons will now last two months instead of three.
Three-month seasons really felt like a long time to grind. This change should make
players more active and excited, says Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch.

Blizzard also introduced a new algorithm of matchmaking, increasing the time
it takes to search for a game, in favor of having more balanced matches. Teams
in most matches will have the exact same average rating.

The developer also adressed to make rankings feel more real, making players believe
that they belong in that ranking, In season 5, one major complaint was that rankings
were artificially altered so that everyone starts at the same place, no matter how
much placement matches players have won or lost.

In addition to Season 6, Overwatch is receiving a brand new game mode Deathmatch, a
free-for-all bloodbath on a brand new map, Château Guillard. Deathmatch mode is
currently live in the Arcade.

We’re getting yet another map very soon. Junkertown is currently available on the PTR
and will be released in the following days.


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