Overwatch Season 7: Three best heroes you can use

Overwatch Season 7
Overwatch Season 7

Overwatch Season 7 is now live and players are scrambling to climb to the top. Here are top three heroes you should use this competitive season to dominate the battlefield.


Mercy has been dominating Overwatch ever since the recent rework. While Blizzard has nerfed her, she still stands as the top-picked hero in the game. First off, her Resurrect is now on a 30-second cooldown basis. She can bring heroes back much easier, albeit in the way she could before.

Nonetheless, her Valkyrie is extremely powerful as she can chain beam her targets while flying around the field. While her upcoming Mercy nerf hasn’t been patched in yet, she still stands as one of the best heroes in Overwatch Season 7.


D.Va has been quite popular again ever since her recent rework. The hero is much more aggressive as she can now shoot while flying around the field, making her a perfect counter again aerial heroes. D.Va has also gotten a new ability that fire a volley of powerful missiles. Combine this all together and she can bully and harass enemies on the battlefield. She’s the perfect hero in Overwatch Season 7 thanks to her sheer firepower and mobility.


Junkrat still stands as one of the most unpredictable heroes in the game. His traps deal more damage and can punish foes who try to enter or leave certain chokepoints. Moreover, Junkrat can easily fly in and out of combat thanks to his second Concussion Mine. His bombs are still great zoning tools that keep enemies away from the point, while his RIP Tire can literally zoom around the battlefield. Overall, his kit if perfect against dive heroes thanks to his deadly ranged primary fire and close-range skills.

Those who want to compete in Overwatch season 7 can get the game for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One


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