Blizzard Planning to add in-game Overwatch skins

Overwatch skins
There may be a chance that skins can come in-game...

Blizzard has slowly been unveiling different teams of this upcoming season in the League,  and there is a great chance that in-game Overwatch skins will be implemented as well. Here’s why:

Overwatch Skins in-game… why?

These last few weeks, Blizzard has been shedding light on the various teams competing in this season of the league. Those include the San Francisco team, the Shanghai Dragons, and the Dallas Fuel. However, we found something interesting when the latter two were revealed on the main news page of the Overwatch website.

You can click the text outbound links above and you’ll automatically get an idea of what we are about to say next. That’s right, Genji and Mei are wearing apparel corresponding to the team’s color schemes. So, you know what that means, an indication that skins will be coming to Overwatch. This may sound like a long shot, so we decided to talk to the Overwatch League representative for some confirmation. Here’s what he said:

“We are honored to collaborate with Team Envy to announce the Dallas Fuel’s visual identity with a custom Genji skin for demonstration purposes. We look forward to sharing more information about Overwatch in-game items in the coming months.”

Overwatch Skins
This new skin for Mei potentially hints at new team-oriented skins being added into the game. However, we can’t say nothing for sure.

Final Words:

This could potentially mean that skins for each hero can arrive in-game in the next months. What form of implementation do you think will suit best? clothing skins, or weapon skins? I think that we can expect Blizzard to add skins in the game, let players pick the ones they like, and add the logo of the team the player supports. One way or the other, it’ll be a good way for them to show their support for the team they like. And it can also potentially open the way for many new customization options. But what are your opinions? If you have some, sound off in the comments below!


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