Overwatch Sombra tips: How to play as the flanking hacker


Sombra is one of the trickiest heroes to use in Overwatch because of her unorthodox kit and weapon. That said, here are some Overwatch Sombra tips to help you learn more about the Mexican hacker.

Overwatch Sombra tips: Positioning

The first thing you should know about Sombra is that she isn’t a conventional DPS hero. While she’s labeled under Offense, she acts much differently than all the other heroes in her category. Like Tracer and Genji, Sombra is a flanker who catches enemies by surprise. For the first few minutes of the match, you should be behind enemy lines and hacking health packs.

Remember to hack big health packs first, especially the ones near the choke points. For the most part, try to leave your translocator near a safe space before going to the enemy’s backlines. If ever you get caught, you have an easy escape. Once you’ve hacked enough health packs (around two or three), you can begin disrupting your enemy.

Overwatch Sombra tips: Attacking

As Sombra, your main role is to debuff enemies and chase down weakened enemies. When attacking control points, hack tanks like Orisa and Reinhardt. You should also focus on hacking characters who heavily rely on their abilities, like Doomfist, Pharah, Mercy, and Zarya. Debuffing enemies will also make it a bit easier to take them on alone if ever you’re cornered.

That said, you should also try and track down weakened enemies. Sombra’s passive ability makes it easier to find them as she has a wall hack ability. If they haven’t escaped yet, go invisible and chase after them. Meanwhile, if you are in a team fight, try attacking from a different angle. Sombra’s kit allows her to reach different areas on the map. If your team is attacking directly, try finding an accessible ledge and shoot from there.

Overwatch is now available to play on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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