Overwatch Symmetra tips: How to play the unique Support hero

Overwatch Symmetra tips

Symmeta is a powerful Support hero who helps her team through teleporters and turrets instead of healing. While some may argue that she should be in the Defense category, she makes up for it with her other supportive skills. Here are some Overwatch Symmetra tips to help you learn how to use the character.

Overwatch Symmetra tips: Positioning

Symmetra’s main kit revolves around positioning her turret and teleporter/shield gen correctly. She can deploy up to six turrets on the battlefield that can also slow down enemies aside from damaging them. While they act as great offensive tools by blocking the main choke point, her turrets can also act likes eyes and alert the player if someone is passing through a certain area. That said, make sure to leave some turrets near unguarded choke points to see if there are any flanking enemies.

As for her teleporter/shield generator, you should place them near the objective, yet out of sight. Use objects and walls to keep it hidden and near your team.

Overwatch Symmetra tips: Attacking

Symmetra is one of the few heroes in the game who doesn’t need to rely on aiming. However, her beam has a fairly short range. That said, your primary purpose should be guarding the control point and attacking enemies that get too close. If there isn’t anyone to fry, use her alternate fire to harass enemies from a distance. The projectiles are slow, but they can catch opponents off guard.

Don’t forget about her shield as Symmetra can use it both offensive and defensively. If paired with a Reinhardt or Symmetra, try throwing out your shield if their defenses get too low. Similarly, you can use the skill to push in with your team.

Symmetra is an extremely versatile hero with powerful skills and support abilities. You can play her in Overwatch for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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