Overwatch Tracer Tips: How to Play the Speedy Offense Hero

Overwatch Tracer Tips: How to Play the Speedy Offense Hero
Overwatch Tracer Tips: How to Play the Speedy Offense Hero

Tracer is the poster girl of Overwatch and rightfully so. She can easily shred enemies with her Pulse Pistols and can cause quite the distraction. Here are some Overwatch Tracer tips to help you learn the hero.

Overwatch Tracer tips: Positioning

Tracer is one of the fastest characters in the game, having a slight advantage over the other flankers. That said, she should be spending most of her time behind enemy lines and causing some trouble. It’s best if Tracer players pick off a few Support heroes in the back, but being a distraction is your best asset. You can stall the enemy team from moving the payload or even grabbing the point for a good amount of time.

However, keep track of your cooldowns as your flanking tools also act as your escape tools. There’s nothing worse than being cornered by a Reinhardt when you don’t have any more Blink charges. Make sure you know your limits and fall back if things get too rough.

Overwatch Tracer tips: Abilities

Tracer’s Blink is her most powerful ability and allows her to zip behind enemy lines. She can stack up to three charges and they have a relatively short cooldown. Try using Blinks to cross gaps or move unpredictably to catch enemies off guard.

Her Recall, on the other hand, is also a great tool that can restore your health during sticky situations. You will teleport to where you were three seconds ago, so this acts as a great escape tool too. She is invisible when she activates the ability, leaving no trace of her behind.

Finally, her Pulse Bomb is a powerful projectile with a short range. This ability works great with other ultimates like Graviton Surge. That way, you can take out multiple enemies at once. However, make sure you distance yourself as Tracer can die from the blast.


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