Recent Overwatch Ultimates Nerf Greatly Affects Certain Heroes over Others

Overwatch Ultimates
Overwatch Ultimates

Overwatch ultimates are a great way to win team fights because of their sheer power and skills. However, Blizzard heavily nerfed all of them a few weeks back. That said, it seems like players are sick of how the new system works as it doesn’t always seem quite fair.

Overwatch ultimates nerfed

Last month, Blizzard rolled out a patch that drained an ultimate ability’s percentage after usage, even if the character was interrupted. Previously, characters like Genji could still keep some of their charge if they died shortly after activating their skill. However, the patch removed that, making sure players learned when and where to use their ultimate abilities.

That means if a Mei uses Blizzard and dies mid-cast, Snowball will also disappear. The same can be said for a Lucio who died right before he could drop the beat. While the update did push for more tactical timing, it seems like players are getting sick of it.

The main problem

The new system brought some weird animations, especially for projectile characters. If a Mei throws Snowball and McCree manages to stun her beforehand, the robot will disappear. Moreover, Mei will have drained her ultimate meter, basically rendering her Blizzard useless.

This is extremely frustrating, especially for ultimate abilities that rely on projectiles. Kotaku shares another strange occurrence with a D.Va summoning her mech, but Roadhog manages to hook her and pulls her out of the transition. What’s more, the D.Va has also lost all of her ultimate charge. This new interruption system clearly favors more heroes and gives those with crowd control abilities a big advantage.

It is still unsure what Blizzard plans to do with this, but the Overwatch ultimates interruption system doesn’t seem to be in everyone’s favor. We’ll keep you updated once more information rolls out.


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