Small Overwatch update preps fans for the ongoing World Cup

Overwatch Update
Overwatch Update

Blizzard has just launched a small Overwatch update to the main menu screen. While the Halloween Terror is over, the game now greets fans with the World Cup image.

Overwatch update for the World Cup

Blizzard has been hard at work trying to promote the biggest Overwatch tournament this year. A handful of teams will be competing with a prize pool of $360,000. That said, fans from all over the world can tune in the fight via streaming. The developers have been trying to make new ways to make it easier for fans to watch the fights.

In line with this, they have just released a new update following the Halloween event. This game’s home screen now reflects the World Cup image, complete with the status of various heroes. Alongside the new design, there is also a small button on the side that directs fans to the competition. That way, netizens can easily watch the World Cup by clicking it.

New ways to watch

Blizzard has been adding new ways for players to follow all of the action in the tournament. First off, teams now have matching uniforms and visual effects. This way, it will be much easier to follow the team you’re supporting throughout the constant action.

There is also a new smart camera that provides content action without all the clunky camera controls. They have also finally included an overhead map with character icons moving in real time, letting fans know where the real action is. Analysts can also use this feature to identify where each player is on the map. Similarly, there’s also an instant replay feature that lets commentators and the like highlight major moments even during the live stream.

You can download the latest Overwatch update to follow the ongoing World Cup. For more Overwatch news, make sure to follow Fexpect!


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