Overwatch Widowmaker Tips: How to Play the Tactical Sniper

Overwatch Widowmaker Tips: How to Play the Tactical Sniper
Overwatch Widowmaker Tips: How to Play the Tactical Sniper

Widowmaker is a Defense hero and powerful sniper that can one-shot enemies. However, she takes an incredible amount of skill to use despite her simplistic kit. Here are some Overwatch Widowmaker tips to help you get the hang of the hero.

Overwatch Widowmaker tips: Positioning

Since Widowmaker is a sniper, she is best used from a distance. There are several sniping spots on most maps where Widowmaker can perch. For the most part, the sniper should be avoiding direct combat and picking off enemies from afar.

That said, you should also try and switch positions from time to time. Enemies that find your location will be able to shoot at you, especially heroes like McCree or Soldier: 76. Not to mention you will be an easy target against flankers like Genji or Winston. Since your hook only has an eight-second cooldown, it’s easy to readjust your position.

Overwatch Widowmaker tips: Abilities

The thing you should know about her kit is that her skills revolve around her sniping. First off, her Grappling Hook is the best way for her to get around the field. She can use this to reach ledges or escape from incoming enemies. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this skill offensively. Widowmaker players can use her grapple to launch themselves up in the air and quickly take down an enemy.

Her Venom Mine, on the other hand, acts as her “warning” against flankers. Players can deploy this near areas where they are camping, specifically around corners. This will alert players if anyone is coming after her, allowing for a tactical retreat. When sniping, Widowmaker players should always try to aim for the head. A fully charged shot should be enough to kill 200 HP heroes and soften up tanks. For mow Widowmaker tips, make sure to follow Fexpect!


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