Overwatch Winston tips: How to use the flanking tank

Overwatch Winston Tips
Overwatch Winston Tips

Winston is one of the heroes that spearhead the popular dive comp meta in Overwatch. Aside from his great mobility, he can pressure and even eliminate heroes with his auto-aiming gun. Here are some Overwatch Winston tips to help you learn the hero.

Overwatch Winston tips: Positioning

Winston is a big distraction that can easily jump behind enemy lines, cause trouble, then safely jump back out. His large health pool makes him the perfect target, giving his team the entrance they need to go through choke points. That said, Winston is best used within enemy lines as he causes havoc with his auto-homing primary fire ability.

When behind enemy lines, he should try to take down Support heroes like Mercy or Ana. However, Winston players should mind their health bar and prioritize safety as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to weaken other tanks, but it will be hard for him to 1v1 other heroes like Reinhardt or Roadhog. Make sure to properly pick your targets before jumping over.

Overwatch Winston tips: Abilities

Winston’s main strength lies with his Jump Pack as he can lunge through the air and reach new heights. Players should use this skill if they want to dive in offensively or escape battle if their HP is low. His Barrier Projector deploys a large bubble barrier that shields anyone inside. While it isn’t as effective as Reinhardt’s shield or Orisa’s barrier during chokes, it’s enough to protect him and his team during team fights.

Finally, his Primal Rage is the perfect zoning tool as he can push enemies away with his powerful strikes. His ultimate ability also completely restores his health and gives him more mobility and reduces Jump Pack’s cooldown to two seconds. Primal Rage is best used to catch enemies off guard when you are on low health. It’s also great for pushing enemies off the objective or map.

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