Overwatch Zenyatta tips: How to use the offense-focused healer

Overwatch zenyatta tips
Overwatch zenyatta tips

Zenyatta is a powerful Support hero that can deal out some damage aside from healing his allies. His other support capabilities also help take down enemies faster. Here are some Overwatch Zenyatta tips to help you learn the hero.

Overwatch Zenyatta tips: Positioning

As a Support hero, Zenyatta should generally be near the rear end of the team. This gives him a clear view of his allies while staying fairly away from danger. Since Zenyatta has no escape abilities, he should always try to stay near his team in case of any flankers.

Players should also follow the same principles during major team fights as Zenyatta can pressure opponents with his primary fire. When behind his team, he can cause a lot of damage and even take down a few enemy heroes.

Overwatch Zenyatta tips: Abilities

Zenyatta’s Orb of Harmony is his primary healing skill that heals 30 HP per second. While it isn’t the best Support ability, he can throw his orb to distant allies, especially flankers. Moreover, he doesn’t have to focus on his targets to heal. His second ability, Orb of Discord, debuffs the target and weakens their defenses by 30 percent.

Always tell your team which enemy you discorded so they can take down the enemy faster. This is also a great way to soften up tanks who have large health pools. Finally, his ultimate ability, Transcendence, heals 300 HP per second to allies within range. While Zenyatta cannot use weapons, he’s immune to all types of damage. Transcendence is the perfect counter to other ultimate abilities like Tactical Visor, Dragon Blade, and Rocket Barrage.

Overall, Zenyatta is an offense-oriented Support hero that mainly focuses on debuffing and dealing damage. While his healing skills aren’t on par with Mercy’s, he’s still a popular pick in the meta. Follow Fexpect for more Overwatch Zenyatta tips.



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